My Paul has 3 aspects.
Paul and the Jews. Here my analogy takes place in Mexico, where spiritual traditions are opening... as in the Paul who invents Universalism, or the Apostle of the gentiles.

Then there is...
Paul and the Roman Empire. Here Mr. Julian Assange, who I am trying to get to, would be the candidate. The Empire of Artificial Intelligence would be the equivalent to the Roman Empire.

And then comes...
Rupert Sheldrake, in Paul and the Greeks. The aspect of an address to a materialist intellectual world, by a man of the same lineage who has crossed a threshold of knowledge before his time.

The film will be called, after Giorgio Agamben's book on Paul, The Time That Remains.

My question:
Would you have some time (and the desire to do so) to hang out with me, Lina and cameraman sometime from june 4th to the 10th?

A trip to the Barrows with you would be coherent with my thought, as well as you guiding us through London with the issues of the film in mind.

Shall we have a small chat about it on the phone? That would be the best, also, I am going to have a look at your website, to check out your calendar and then events that you take part of could be included. Any skeptic riddled arena would be incredibly useful.

I am using the figure of Paul in a broad sense so it is more like aspects of what a real BREAK point looks like.

I want to articulate the film around the word "singularity". The Christic event would turn into a "singularity" of which Paul is the witness. Taking the emphasis off any anecdotal aspect, such as Jesus. The word singularity is nowadays linked to the notion of technological singularity and transhumanism. I want to broaden the concept to an "irreducible event" as Alain Badiou writes in his book on Paul. I will be meeting with Badiou again soon in Paris, maybe you know his work? He is one of the greatest thinkers alive in France by some accounts.

Singularity would mean that there is something like a year zero where the narrative of Historical time is exceeded (you could name it, a Messianic time, or you could name it through principles such as morphogenesis which alter our concept of time). Or via an open idea of what the prefix trans in transhumanism would mean. In short, via your "fields" the past is brought to present, and that is part of what interests me.

In Mexico I worked with an author who proposes that 1968 was a break point in our creative evolution, where a new projection starts to take shape in a new dimension of time. He sees métissage as the breeding ground for something radically new in the evolution os consciousness, as in something new coming out of the legacy of the meeting of old world and new world (the virgin of Guadalupe being a main icon for this). He is another aspect of Paul.

Last but not least, I want to reflect on the sci fi scenario we are entering now, with Artificial intelligence coming to the point where we recognize MIND as being outside of the human brain. Technological singularity points to he moment when AI -the pattern of all patterns, which harvests every google search to improve its associative capacity will have become more intelligent than an individual human-. This will be the point of this third aspect, mind beyond mind, singularity would be envisioned in that sense, and Paul would be the witness to that. Not a technological feat but rather as a question to do with consciousness.

The main google wizard, Ray Kurzweil is projecting a technological singularity for 2045, he previously predicted exactly when the machine would beat humans in chess and then in Jeopardy.

Rupert Sheldrake, biologist and author

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