El cuerpo poético en la esfera ultra temporal ultra espacial del chamanismo.

Que es lo que sucede en una operación chamánica ?

The field I am referring to has many names, one of its names is “shamanism”.

  1. The principle of non separation. I met a healer who works part time repairing television sets. When I asked him to tell me how his hands had acquired the power to heal he quickly responded that I was wrong to pose the question in such a way. Healing, he said, emerged directly from the fact of KNOWING that separation is an illusion. When a person incarnates this knowledge then his very presence is immediately effective, a healing presence. (interview with Jose Simon)
  1. A liminal reality. A few paradigms of the way reality in the field of shamanism works.
  1. To arrive to the dwelling site of Taita Angel in the Amazon jungle, one must walk far, for three days at least. Taita Angel is one of a group of shamans in the lower Putumayo who turned invisible at some point in their lives. The point here is that
  2. Blue vomit
  3. Four pyramids
  4. Pleaydes ball in hand
  1. DMT the plant.
  2. Becoming indigenous, the elemental