Spiritual Still
Spiritual stills, Photography 110 x 73cm, 2002

Spiritual Still consists of more than 30 slides taken in the subways of New York City a couple of months after September 11th 2001. The subject of the photographs is the image of a poster of Britney Spears promoting her 2001 concert in Las Vegas. Throughout New York’s subway system, the images of Britney were consistently and thoroughly defaced. The image is like a capture of a collective mood, a portrait of a particular threshold in the history of a nation and of a city. In a sense, as the title suggests, the piece refers to a short-lived “spiritual” awakening of a community that suddenly couldn’t stand the image that they saw in the mirror, after terror had shook its foundations. The soundtrack of the slide show emphasizes this notion by playing with the lyrics of Spear’s song “The Girl in the Mirror”.

Smack Mellon Studios, New York, 2002.
Santa Monica Museum, 2005.
Art Basel, Miami Beach, 2005.
Werkleitz Biennial, 2006.
Artbo, Bogotá, 2006.