Contact 2019 3
Contact, 2019 Camera Obscura Carl Zeiss lens, steel, wood, mud and chalk 2400 cm x 2800 cm x 2800 cm

The work consists of a building that looks very much like a classic step pyramid. Its proportions are actually perfect. A visitor will be able to enter the space and experience its geometry.

The structure of the pyramid is also a direct translation – into an altogether different size - of a bellow photo camera, of the kind that were made in the early 20 th Century. The building is a fully operative camera obscura with a lens installed on its apex so that the night sky, moon and stars may be in sharp focus on the floor of the pyramid. In this way, images of the night sky are to be imprinted on photosensitive paper laid on the floor, so that the record of how the earth moves regarding the celestial dome will be apparent on the different prints.

The name “Contact” makes reference to the photographic process, but it also entails a reconnection with the rationale of ancient observatories, which were always devoted to establish contact between cosmic constellations and the body. “Contact” is an open question as well, to the science of astronomers. The question places an emphasis on the distinction between the two sister sciences that were once fully complementary: Astrology and Astronomy. It can be said that the Mayans, for example, where wonderful astronomers, but their astronomical knowledge was gathered solely for the purpose of assisting the other “hemisphere” of knowledge: the immaterial science of astrology which channels all astronomical knowledge towards the understanding of one main question: “what cosmic forces are acting upon man?”