I had an encounter with Obama

I had an encounter with Obama, the man was sick, fragile; he was constantly burping. I took the chance to ask him the most important question in my repertory, in case time was short. When is disclosure happening?

He said to me “soon”, with a knowing smile. I looked to confirm that we were talking of the same thing, I clarified that I spoke of the secret files where it is printed on official letterhead that we have been visited. Obama nodded, we were on the same page. We went out on a walk, the scenery was constantly changing, I think it was rural Arkansas or Kansas (maybe because of the famous phrase in the Wizard of Oz) but we also walked in an urban center, maybe Paris, the Boulevard Beaumarchais. I started a long exposé about what would happen to us when we would assume, as a civilization that there are other civilizations and that these are not so much extra terrestrial but rather extra dimensional. I proposed that if it was once true that the earth was flat, prior to the Discovery of America, and it had subsequently become round, in that same way our one-dimensional existence would change and we would pass from living in a globe to living in a holographic universe. The discovery of an Other in an unknown continent would occur in an equivalent place of the spiral of time: 1492 and 2012 would be the same temporal coordinate in two carbon copies. Obama nodded again and quoted Michel de Montaigne, but he pronounced the name in an American accent and I didn’t understand him the first time over.

In this crossroad of civilizations not only would space change, but time would also morph, its coordinates would transform. Hyper-dimensionality implies a time of very long cycles and abrupt mutations, precise in their arithmetic. These changes appear chaotic to those who can’t see the full panorama; untellable, incomprehensible to those who are in a lower octave of the cycle of consciousness. In the same way, energy would enter into a different phase, since the energy of these parallel dimensions is an energy obtained directly from the matrix, anterior and ulterior to space-time. This energy exists only in relationship to a biological capacity (consciousness and biology are synonyms in this concept). Only an activated consciousness, therefore an activated body, renders the properly utilizable passive energy of the Universe plausible. This is why secret archives remain closed beyond their expiry date for cases such as Roswell, because they hide an energy paradigm shift. The question with this new energy that we speak about is that it is not prone to be owned in the way that you can own petroleum or gas. Thus society would be reorganized ipso facto and the current hierarchy would turn into a different one: of technique, aptitude and degrees of consciousness (not of property nor even of intellectual property). The next one would not be a civilization ordered by capital nor by acquisitive power. At the same time of the admission that we have been visited forever and constantly, there would be an admission that there is a black physics at work, going for at least 6 decades - in the relative plane in which we understand ourselves – at full speed trying to emulate techniques such as anti-gravity and creating utilizable links between the psychic field, frequency and energy. One can say this at least from 1948 onward, at least after the Roswell incident, where it is well documented that the intelligence agencies of the United States archived materials of a ship that crashed and of which many locals kept scraps that were later confiscated.

Obama and I were still walking together like friends. All throughout I could perceive his fragile health and also that he was not a man with power in himself although he was the representative and subaltern of very high circles of power. Back in that rural landscape in Arkansas or Kansas I was becoming more and more conscious of the ships that traveled in complete silence over our heads. I knew they were there although they were not properly perceivable with my physical eyes. I also knew they were scanning my face and my body constantly. After a while we were next to the ranch from which we had earlier set off on our stroll. Obama suddenly said it was time to go, they were coming to get him and I needed to take a cautious distance. I looked from 40 meters away as a 50’s Cadillac fell from the sky, it also had hyper modern features, it was bulletproof and without windows.

As I arrived to the ranch I found my son Joseph playing with a girl in a balcony with Greek columns (there was one missing and the gap had been covered with plexiglass). The girl had a name associated with Mexico and that was important. I told the two of them that I was very tired and that I had to go to sleep. When I went to sleep I woke up in this reality. What was very curious is that I woke up feeling very tired, and I had to cross the threshold again, in a circular migration, towards that place that looked unattainable that afternoon, where one commonly finds rest.

What follows was annexed later. A couple of months later I was invited in Paris to my uncle’s house for lunch. We walked on the Boulevard Beaumarchais towards Metro San Sebastian Froissard. At the table I narrated dreams with my father. I noted that he was able to use his same literary capacity, his same word games in those communications beyond death.

I also told the Obama dream, and as I came to the part where Obama quotes Montaigne, my uncle’s wife jumped from her seat and went to get the complete essays of Montaigne that my father had bought in 1961 and which had ended up in that house by chance. When she realized I could find no reason for Obama’s Montaigne quote she showed me a passage in the book. There I was able to read, from a place that was marked by a black adhesive paper, as Michel de Montaigne begins his disquisition on the encounter with another world: “Cet autre monde ne faira qu'entrer en Lumiere quand le notre en sortirá” “this other world will only enter the light at the same time as ours will enter its shadow”