Conferencia Technosphere HKW

These notes were taken during closed sessions at the Anthropocene curriculum campus at Haus de Kulturen de welt in 2014 and 2015.

My first point. I want to borrow Deleuze’s idea - in a conference called “what is the act of creation?” -that a philosopher doesn’t “speak about” but rather “creates” concepts. We are here in a house of the arts and world culture, our platform then is Art, ARS, it is creation. I have been thinking of making this clear, that art is the point of confluence of all these disciplines… science, history… not another compartment that illustrates them, the IMAGE is that which can save us, the image, the concept, that we can create collectively and that will inaugurate a motion, an action, an e - motion. A truth, a vessel that is pregnant with that which we repeatedly invoke in these conversations: agency

The Technosphere as a Hologram, always already encoded in language, in every utterance, in the very desire to diagnose, language as an exchange value, language as reference, language as a separation, rather than language as the matrix, the ecological sphere where we dwell, the system of systems, always already there, infused with a creative life force from microscopic to macroscopic. Nature as language, language as nature, a language that participates in a creative evolution.

The concept of Technosphere as Holographic also in the sense that its center is non local and in this : a sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere, (an ageless description of God, or the Universe).

The Technosphere as the singularity that is already here. A singularity being that which cannot be traced back to its history anymore, or rather its history doesn’t account for the fact of its automation. About the term singularity there is something else to be said: one cannot know anything about its future (it becomes a blank page, its force being exponential beyond the tipping point called singularity). In other words it too much of a radical departure, from that which composed it.

Another way to express this: it is MIND expressing its non locality. The monstruos -that which shows itself as an outside - an expression, mirroring a distorted, grotesque image of that which it mirrors (anthropomonstruos). Monstrous as linked to its etymology as monstrare, that which shows itself, raw, unbridled.

Egregore is the name for a psychic formation that gets charged with collective psychic force, and after eating this psychic energy, it comes alive, animated by the force that each of its parts is injecting into its batteries *each of its parts having become unconscious matter. All this unconscious matter is read exclusively as energy by the Egregore that collects this very energy. This is analogical to the way a search pattern is read as energy for the so called “artificial intelligence” that google is standing for. Google, by the way is the rightful heir to the ethos of cybernetic theories going all the way back to Greece and beyond. Cybernetics as governance, steermanship.

Singularity is that which is begotten by the collective MIND, which then acts independently. The archetype of the Devil in the Marseilles Tarot deck shows a figure which is larger than those who created it, and imprisons them, it has them on a leash.

A paradigm of this, again, is the version of artificial intelligence that google has set forward. The version of artificial intelligence that google implements, which is very different from Hall, the super computer in 2001 A space Odyssey, is one that springs from the harvest of human patterns and filters them into a pattern of pattern that is broader than any of its parts and incomprehensible from any particular vantage point other than the omniscient one of the algorithm.

Cycle. Giant. We have met people in the realm of traditional knowledge in South America who speak of Giants in a Proto Historical period. Why Giants? These leads me to Peter Haff’s idea of intention at the ABC level, I understand I want coal, I order coal, I get it, but I cannot visualise the XWY consequences of my use of coal. The giants are not literal giants. The giant is human intentionality at a scale that we think unthinkable today, one where human intentionality grows, and perhaps changes its time scale.

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